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September Special

50% Off

VP156 Short Slate Fish
8¼" H X 7¼" W X 16¾"L

VP777 Slate Sleeping Cat
8½"H X 10½"W X 19"L

VP644 Slate Goose
2¾"H X 19¼"W

VP640 Slate Owl
18¾"H X 11¾"W X 10"

VP776 Slate Sleeping Dog
7"H X 10"W X 20"L

VP785 Slate Hedgehog
10½"H X 17½"W X 12½"L

VP807 Slate Sitting Dog
22½"H X 11½"W X 19"L

VP783 Slate Duck
12"H X 10"W X 17½"L

VP788 Slate Chicken
18"H X 9"W X 14½"L

VP787 Slate Snail
10½"H X 11½"W X 17"L