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march special safari collection 

CH1065-1067 Egg Pots
Set of 3
6¾" H X 7¾" W, 10¾" H X 11¾" W, 12¾" H X 15¼" W
Was: $40.00  Now: $20.00
CH496-498 - Sphere Oil Lamps
Set of 3
12"D, 14"D 16"D
Was: $116.00  Now: $58.00
Small Ribbed Garden Seat
17¾" H X 13¾" W​
Was: $57.00  Now: $28.00

Small Pots with Saucers
CH204-207- Set of 4
6"H x 6½W, 8"H x 8½"W
9½"H x 10½"W, 11½"H x 14"W
Was: $57.00  Now: $28.00