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Q: Do you make drop shipments?
A: No, at this time we do not do drop shipments.

Q: What is the minimum order for shipment?
A: A minimum of $750 is required for us to ship.

Q. How can I contact a sales representative?
A. You can contact us by calling 561-697-9377. Send us a fax to 561-697-4231. Or email us at sales@thepotterypatch.com.

Q: Where does the pottery come from?
A: We import our pottery directly from our factories in Mexico, Italy, China and other Asian countries.

Q: What if I just want to buy a few items?
A: Our authorized dealers are located all over the US. Use our store locator to find the closest retailer to you.

Q. What are your pots made out of?
A. Our pots are made of lead-free clay

Q. Are your pots frost proof?
A. Many of our outdoor pots are frost proof but first check with a sales representative if you live in an area where frost is a concern. They will be able to tell you exactly which pots are best suited for your location.

Q. Are there special care instructions for Chimeneas?
A. Do not light a fire in your Chimenea if it is wet, or if it is below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, this may cause it to crack.

Q. Do I have to buy parts for my fountain separately?
A. No, all our fountains come with a pump and the necessary tubing.

Q. Are direct container sales available?
A. Yes, you can speak with a sales rep. to make a custom order and have a container shipped to you direct.

Q. Can I buy just one item from a set?
A. Unfortunately we cannot break sets to sell individual pots, but check with our re-sellers near you to see if they carry the product you’re looking for. You can use our store locator tool to find the locations closest to you.

Q. How do I care for my Chimeneas
A. Chimenea Care & Maintenance Guide

Q. How do I care for my Fountain?
A. Fountain Care & Maintenance Guide

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