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July Special

Round Fancy Swirls Pots in Shiny Copper
Set of 3
13″H X 15″W
16½”H X 19½”W
20″H X 23½”W
25% OFF

Hexagon Umbrella Planter

4″ H X 9″ W
5 Pack Assortment 
Beige, Blue-Green, Brown, Bright Green, Oxblood
25% OFF

Small Slate Sheep
14¼”H X 9″W X 16″L
25% OFF

Short Square Planter

Set of 4
12¼”H x 11″W
15¼”H x 14″W
19¼”H x 17¾”W
23½”H x 21½”W 
25% OFF

Pig Pot

7″H W 7½”W X 12″L
25% OFF

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