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50% Off Select Decorative Pieces


TP387 Hen Planter
4 Per Case
7½”H x 10¼”W x 7½”L

TP386 Shell Planter
4 Per Case
6″H x 10″W x 7″L

TP385 Fish Planter
4 Per Case
8½”H x 8½”W x 6¾”L

CH1250 Orchid Candle Holder Assortment
1¼”H X 4″W – 18 per case
3 of each color: gold, beige, sky blue, black, celery and iron

Brown on Sky Blue

Dripping Orange

CH199 Tree Trunk Pedestal Birdbath
23¼”H X 21½”W

Brown on Green

75% Off

CH702-704 Cracked Ball Lanterns
Set of 3
8″D, 10″D, 12″D